Here is an intro to Social Media Marketing.

Hey guys I’m Tori with Bella+Canvas. This video is all about social media 101 for small businesses. We’ve gotten a lot of questions about this topic so we wanted to do a brief overview for you and if you like these kinds of topics.

Most businesses understand the importance of social media marketing but some struggle to know where to start in this video we’re gonna break down the social media marketing 101 guidelines that we follow here at Bella+Canvas.

Start Small and Build Up

The first big mistake some small businesses encounter is trying to tackle social media all at once. We know it can be overwhelming so we encourage you to take your time and invest in the right one or two platforms that work best for you.

Social Media Marketing Tools


Sprout Social has great guides that cover how small businesses can navigate each main network. For example, if your goal is community and relationship building you may want to first focus on Facebook. If you’re more focused on brand awareness and discovery then Instagram may be the best for you.


You can check out all the guides in the description below once you’ve chosen which platforms you’re gonna focus on you’re gonna need to determine your content strategy. A big mistake a lot of brands make is to haphazardly post content. Studies show that more customers are actually going to go to your social media channels before they’re even checking out your website.

00:01:35So, you’re gonna want to make sure that everything you post is in line with your brand’s mission and aesthetic and be authentic to who you are. Show some personality! Social media is a great place to show a lighter side to you and your brand.

Social Media Marketing is all About Establishing Your Brand

But, be sure to establish a voice, and make sure that all brand messaging falls in line. Even if you’re small, you can create a really strong loyalty on social media as long as you stay consistent and transparent.

Establish a Content Calendar

After you determine your strategy you’ll want to create a Content calendar. What this looks like is totally up to you and your team, but at bella+canvas we use a Google Doc that we map out a plan every two weeks. It shows what content will be shared where.

Be Consistant


So how often should you post? Well there’s a lot of different theories out there for different platforms but the important thing is to really just be consistent. Most marketers believe that posting several times a day is best.

Don’t Overcommit

But don’t do that unless you have enough content to be consistent in your aesthetic invoice. Once we map out our posts we then use a scheduling tool to make sure that all the trains leave the station at the right time.

Research Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

We recommend that you do your research on which scheduling tools work best for you and your team, but HootSuite, TweetDeck, and Sprout Social are all great options.

If you’re made up of a small team, you’re going to need to be efficient with your content production.
So take advantage of your customers and social audience. Encourage them to post images and tag you or use a hashtag then repurpose those for yourself.

Get Users To Generate Your Content

We do this all the time because our customers do such unique things with our product. This is called user-generated content or UGC. Also, use social media as a way to interact with your community. Use direct messages or DMS as a way to generate business and conversation.

Follow The Trends

And, don’t be afraid to get involved with trending topics. This doesn’t mean you should post on every social holiday, but look at the calendar ahead of time and see which one’s fit in with your branding.

Use Proper Hashtags!

Try Sweepstakes & Giveaways

You should take advantage of sweepstakes and giveaways. It’s a great way to grow your audience. We also encourage you to check out other small organizations in your industry on social media and see what’s working for them.

Learn What Works From the Competition

Specifically on Instagram. There are hundreds of brands that can give you inspiration for content ideas. So, don’t be afraid to learn from them. We hope this video was helpful.


About the Author


Marty has a passion for working with small local businesses to help them get their Internet presence on track.

He has been doing this for over 7 years and enjoys building new websites correctly from the beginning with Local SEO in mind.

He also enjoys the challenge of resurrecting a Search Listing Position from a mangled and mismanaged web exposure to a high ranking and profitable one.

Marty abhors black-hat techniques! He works his magic by promoting quality content using only white-hat methods.

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