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Hi, I’m Marty Hobson.

I was born in Indiana, but my parents moved to Fort Worth when I was twelve years old. I attended Carter Riverside High School. Then did a semester at Concordia College in Austin, but quickly joined the Navy back during the Vietnam War. After the Navy I worked as a salesman while going to school.

I love to tinker with electronics – well, not so much any more. When the first PCs started showing up I would scrounge around electronics surplus stores looking for parts to build my own. Back in the day, we programmed in machine language, not higher level languages like Basic, C, C++, C##, Java, etc. My first mass storage device was a cassette tape recorder. What a pain!

I worked as an electronics technician in the telecom industry and oil services industry for about 30 years. About halfway through that I started picking up embedded software projects. Then, eventually, I was only writing code (approximately 20 years in software engineering).

After several layoffs, I tried contracting for a while with an engineering firm in Houston. I commuted to Houston during the week and came home on the weekends. I did that for a few years, until my dad got very ill and I was needed close to home.

Marty Hobson

The job market in DFW was still pretty tight and I found myself out of a job. During the down time I worked with businesses on their Internet visibility. In other words, I built them websites and then got them visible on page one in the search engines. After all, most people don’t consult the yellow pages anymore. The ads were too costly and everyone was Googleing for information instead of thumbing through a thick book.

I have never looked back!

I have the greatest respect for business persons who are willing to take a risk to make their dreams come true. Businesses have startup costs, capital expenditures, payroll, and the ongoing pressure to bring home the money for food and all those extras that a family requires and desires. I understand that all too well.

Since I am in semi-retirement, I work out of my home. I keep my overhead low. I don’t have a payroll. I contract out the work that I can’t do myself. I do all the quality control. The buck stops with me!

Although I can do all communications with the client online, I prefer to make face to face contact with them. I don’t want to use cold facts about your company. I want to know you and how you do business. I want to make your website one that helps your prospects know and trust you. The better I know you, the better I will be able to accomplish this.

In marketing we call this the Unique Selling Proposition. That is, why would someone choose your company to do business with, instead of your competition. What is unique to your company? Have you been in business longer? Are you an authority in your field? Do you have awards to show you know your stuff? Do you have longer hours than the competition? Have you taken extra steps to insure customer satisfaction or security? Are your prices lower? Are your prices higher, indicating the quality of work you do? Do you have tons of testimonials?

We need to promote your strengths! And, frame your weaknesses in a way that looks like a benefit. Ex: Drive a little further, please don’t mind the construction – We will BEAT any offer!

Small Business Marketing has changed so much through the years. It used to be easy to get ranked in the search engines. Today Google, Bing, & Yahoo seem to change the rules daily. What was acceptable yesterday can be today’s pariah. Rankings can change drastically and quickly.

The Small Business has to take into consideration that one day Google may not show your company in their rankings. If you place all your eggs in the Google basket, your new and return customer base can dry up overnight. There is a way to prevent this from happening to you – that is, that Google may decide not to send you prospects.

By capturing prospect and customer data (in the form of name and email) you will be able to keep in contact with them even if Google puts the “hate” on you! So, the sooner you set this up, and the more data you accumulate, the better will be your chances of staying solvent in the event of a crisis.

The systems I set up come with lead capture systems.

Well, I got a little off track didn’t I? The only reason I mention all of that is so that you know where I am coming from.

I will not build a website and leave you hanging!

I build premium websites, with top notch security, unparalleled maintenance, lead capture, plus built in Maps and Organic SEO at the website level. Maintaining your search rankings, however, is not a “one and done” thing. As I said earlier, Google changes the rules all the time. If you want to really soar in your market and bypass your competition, you (or we) will need to tweak as we go, month by month.

I can also help you drive local traffic, via Facebook Ads and Google Adwords if you like. In those cases, you can see results overnight and not have to wait for a SEO campaign to play out. These methods are also helpful in getting hot leads.

If this appeals to you and you don’t mind working with a guy that some might think should be enjoying retirement on the beach, then let’s meet and see if I can be of service to you.


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