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You don't have to break the bank to get your new Business Website running, looking nice, gathering leads, and pre-selling prospects.

Toggle the headings below to learn more, then fill out a short survey to see what is your best way to proceed. This is NOT a hard sell. This is for informational purposes only. You decide how you want to proceed. 

Building a website can be very Simple and Easy to do. You just need to know the steps, and the "best practices" to keep you on track.

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Why You Must Have A Website

All companies need a business website – especially small startups.

The  old ways, dependent on Yellow Pages, etc., just don’t work any more. They are a very expensive place to advertise. And, I don't personally know anyone who has a phone book any more.

The modern way we find products and services is to use a Search Engine. You and I now use Search Engines to get that information, and more. But, more importantly, your customers use search engines!

Online is where you need to be found! That is why you need a website!

Unless you are careful, building a website can be costly. Not just in dollars, but also in time. it can be quite costly to get that first business website up and running. 

Your business website needs to be more than just a dazzling thing of beauty. You need to be careful how you structure your website. You must make it easy for search engines as well as prospects and customers to navigate.

Not getting this right first can be a problem that is very difficult to fix later. You must set up your site properly from the “git go”.

What Are Your Greatest Hurdles?

Here are 5 things you need to account for:

  1. You must build, or have built for you, an attractive business website, that promotes a good company image. One that will make you look more professional.
  2. Design the website in a way that will keep your prospects and customers interest. And, give them all the information the need. (BTW, Google monitors how long a user stays on a page. It is in their algorithm. It is important.
  3. Your website must effectively tell Google ( and other search engines like Bing) “what you do” and what you have to offer! Show them you deserve top spot in the listings.
  4. Once the website is underway, you will need to manage your own site security, or have someone else do it for you. You or they need to be able to fix it if it breaks.
  5. One of your highest priorities is to make your website easily found by your prospects and customers.


You HaveThree Choices

Those choices are:
  1. Do it all yourself. (Yourself or an employee)
  2. Outsource everything to a pro.
  3. Or, the Hybrid approach. Do what you can do and outsource the rest.

If you have not done any web design in the past, the technical learning curve can be quite steep. Also, do you have the time and are you a persistent person?

If so, you can build your own business website, even if you have never built one before.

I will help you. I have several training resources on this website, both FREE and Paid.

If you would be more comfortable outsourcing your business website, I will be glad to help there also. I can do it for you or find appropriate trusted outsourcers.

This page has links to what you need. If some of this seems unclear, you can contact me via the contact page.

Build On A Solid Foundation

Whether you are building the site yourself or are having it outsourced, I highly recommend WordPress as the platform to build it on.

  1. WordPress is FREE!
  2. It is Well Supported by the online community! Got a problem or question? Just Google it!
  3. Most web developers can work on WordPress websites, so you will always be able to hire someone to work on your site.
  4. WordPress is a powerful CMS (content management system). That means the layman (like you) can change the site to do most anything you want. We do this with Themes and Plugins. These can be either free and paid. It is all point and click easy!
  5. You can secure your site to keep hackers out! But, you must be proactive. “Out of the box”, WordPress is pretty vulnerable. I will show you both free ways and paid ones to limit your “hack risk” and make it close to zero.
  6. Your site can be easily “backed up”. This gives you further protection, should a hack on your website be successful.

Why Trust Me?

I’ve been working on websites for 15 years and Business Websites for 10 years. It wasn’t easy getting started. I made a lot of mistakes when I first got started. But, I can help you avoid those mistakes. ( For more information about me, check out the "About Marty" page.)

I can show you how to get an attractive website up and running. And, that website will be one you can be proud of and Google will rank well.

It will be my pleasure to show you how to protect your website (investment), and maintain it.

If you want all or part of this done for you, please let me know.

Recommendations & Affiliate Links

The Themes I spoke of above are the magic sauce that turns a plain WordPress website into a beautiful one.  And,  the Plugins I spoke of are what will allow your website to to amazing things. Some of these themes and plugins are free. Some you must pay for.

Some of the links to products on this site are called “affiliate links”.  If you use one of those links and purchase a product I may get a commission. The product will not cost you any more by taking the link. It will, however, help me to keep this website active and growing – i.e., helping.

I do not choose or recommend any product just for the commission. Therefore, each product must meet certain criterion before I make a recommendation:

  1. I have used the product and wholeheartedly endorse it.
  2. Unless I specify that there are possible issues, I am not aware of any problems with the product at the time of the recommendation.
  3. The product is a basic building block ( such as domain name, or hosting, etc.) or it easily solves a problem that will save you time and money in the long run.

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